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 Following completion of the Meadow Trail, the Cypress Preserve Trust Board's next project in 2007 was to construct a trail around the perimeter of the Preserve. Fluctuating water levels in the cypress brakes within the preserve necessitated construction of footbridges to allow visitors year round access to the Preserve.

Two Cypress Preserve Trust members, Herbert Huddleston and Bob Gramling, accomplished this task by engineering two footbridges, or boardwalks, across the north and south sloughs. Steel frame substructures were set in concrete footing as undergirding for wood plank walkways over the water. These boardwalks connect the Cypress Trail with the Meadow Trail in two different locations, allowing access to all portions of the Preserve.

In 2018, due to liability insurance, rails were added to each of the boardwalks to insure safety of visitors. 

boardwalk best2.jpg

​Greenville Cypress Preserve      Highway 82 West and Cypress Lane     Greenville, Mississippi  

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