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If you would like more information about the Greenville Cypress Preserve or have specific questions or requests you may email us at

or contact us by mail at
Greenville Cypress Preserve Trust

P.O Box 4243

Greenville, MS  38704


Keep us updated by letting us know what animals and plants you

 may have seen during your visit. We also

welcome any pictures you may have taken at the

preserve and want to share with us.
Send your sighting information to

and be sure to include the date and location within
the preserve with each sighting and/or picture you submit.

Please report any website problems or suggestions to:






Contact us


 Salamander 2-13-24 Lynn Cox

Bluebird egg on box 2-15-24 John Cox

Egret  8-20-22 Becky Wineman


Frog 9-18-20 Becky Wineman

sightings redeared sliders.jpeg

Viceroy butterfly

       8-29-20 Becky W.

Monarch Caterpillars 4-27-20 Becky W.

Garter snake

5-20-22 BeckyW.

Red-eared Sliders

2-22-24 Merry Anne Jones

Moth Cocoon

3-19-23 John Cox

Snake in Lizard Tail plants

4-21-24Kathy Jean Bowman

Red-eared Slider

4-21-24 Kathy J.Bowman

​Greenville Cypress Preserve      Highway 82 West and Cypress Lane     Greenville, Mississippi  

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