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The Pavilion - Our First Construction


In the fall of 2002, Greenville Garden Club conducted its first event to raise funds for development of the Greenville Cypress Preserve.  The fundraiser--a large gala party entitled “Save the Brake” was well received, and the event enabled the Cypress Preserve Trust to begin development of the Preserve. 


Initially, the pavilion housed a series of colorful informational Enviro- Signs that had been custom designed specifically for the preserve, but in 2011, all but three of these signs were relocated to various trailside locations within the preserve.


Another significant improvement was the placement of two large, aesthetically pleasing benches along two sides of the pavilion. The benches were crafted by board member, Jim Bell, from a large cypress board, in keeping with the "natural" theme of the preserve. 

Through this funding, improvements were begun in the summer of 2004, when a 4,200 square foot multi-vehicle parking area and a covered education pavilion were constructed.  

​Greenville Cypress Preserve      Highway 82 West and Cypress Lane     Greenville, Mississippi  

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