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    Months after completion of the trail that led

from the south bridge through the woods and over

to the north bridge and on to the trail around the

meadow, it was suggested that an interesting

addition to the preserve would be two connecting


    Trustees Bob Gramling and Herbert Huddleston

volunteered to design and lay out the area for

additional walking and jogging.  With the design

work completed, the trails were finished in

December 2010. They are constructed with

Geotextile over packed dirt and topped with six

inches of crushed limestone.

    Most of the expense of this project was covered by a grant from the Monsanto Fund which had previously awarded two other grants to the GCPT. The paths were built by Larry Goss of Greenville Lawns at a cost of $16,000.

    These trails opened the interior woods and are so appropriately located that they appear to make the Preserve larger than the 16 acres it encompasses. The more southern trail is 248 feet long and is named the Red Fox Trail because a fox was sighted there a few years ago.  The more northern trail is 205 feet long and is called the Wood Duck Trail which alludes to the number of wood duck boxes in the sloughs and the multiple sightings of wood ducks.  Both begin and end by intersecting with the Cypress Trail.


​Greenville Cypress Preserve     Highway 82 West and Cypress Lane       Greenville, Mississippi  

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