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“In Every Walk with Nature, One Receives Far More than He Seeks.”  John Muir



   Make sure that you pick up a copy of The Cypress

Preserve Nature Trail Guide from the box under the pavilion

before you begin your walk through the Cypress Preserve.

As emphasized by John Muir in the introductory quote

above, our trail guide will enhance your understanding

and enjoyment of the preserve by providing you with a

self-guided tour as you journey along the half-mile trail

which circumscribes its outer perimeter.  Your path will take

 you through such topographic features as meadows,

bottomland hardwood forests, and cypress brakes.    

    Along the way, you will be guided by numbered

informational signs at numerous stopping points, each of which is indicated in the trail guide. We recommend that visitors first read each informational sign, then read the corresponding information in the trail guide, authored by Lynn Cox and Lynn-Libous Bailey. In this manner, visitors can acquire greater insight into such ancient wetland ecosystems which are rapidly disappearing from the landscape. Tours are available for groups upon request.







​Greenville Cypress Preserve     Highway 82 West and Cypress Lane       Greenville, Mississippi  

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