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    Two primary trails comprise the

trail system within the Greenville

Cypress Preserve. The five-foot wide, all-

weather Meadow Trail can be seen upon

arrival at the pavilion. This quarter mile

trail around the meadow was constructed of

crushed limestone by Larry Goss of

Greenville Lawns in December of 2005.

Grants from Kings Daughters and Sons

Circle #Two funded this project for a

total of $16,564.71. Enhancements along

this trail include interpretive signs,

natural cypress benches, wood duck nesting

boxes, wildflowers, and a flood pole

indicating the crests of major historical

floods.  An outdoor amphitheater-type

classroom can be found at the north end

of the Meadow Trail with three sets of

wooden benches. 

  A second trail project, funded by grants

from Monsanto and Urban Forests for a total of $48,431.00, was completed in 2007. This project involved the construction of two wood plank bridges crossing both the north and the south ends of one of the preserve's cypress brakes, as well as a one-third mile, crushed-limestone trail system which snakes through the forested ridge lying between two brakes.  This trail system connects with the Meadow Trail and is similarly enhanced by wildflowers, natural cypress benches, interpretive signs, and wood duck nesting boxes. 

   A trail guide provides additional information at each of the 17 numbered signs along the trails.  Additional improvements consist of: an irrigation well that was installed to maintain water levels within the three cypress brakes at the preserve; plantings of Delta native trees and plant species to encourage biodiversity and an eco-friendly environment for both flora and fauna within the Preserve. 

Woodland Trail

boardwalk best2.jpg

Trail through the cypress slough

​Greenville Cypress Preserve     Highway 82 West and Cypress Lane       Greenville, Mississippi  

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